GV @ RCS Saturday June 18

Our first swim meet will be at home this Saturday, June 18. Swimmers MUST arrive on time and sign in with a coach.

Please find all information here and remember to sign up for volunteering here. There are 10 spots left – and we always appreciate parents helping to set up and clean up.  Updated meet entries are up here, if you do not remember the password, email a coach.

Relays are very tentative right now. Coaches will decide who will swim freestyle relays during the meet. Please do not leave without telling a coach!

RECAP: Parent Orientation

Thank you everyone who came out to the parent orientation. Please read through this carefully. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or talk on the first day of practice, this coming Tuesday May 31st.

COMMUNICATION: This website rogercarterseals.com will be our main method of communication. We also use a text alert system (text @seals16 to 81010).  We all also frequently check our emails:

Claire: claireli727@gmail.com

Jeff: jeffreytse11@gmail.com

Kevin: kevinswho@gmail.com

VOLUNTEERING: Please volunteer at meets, they cannot run without you! There will be an upcoming clinic for slightly more difficult jobs (Stroke&Turn, Starter/Referee, Data Manager) on Saturday June 4. See the post below for more. We encourage all who are interested to come and get certified!

In addition, signing up for volunteering will occur here. Remember, there is no need to make an account.

SWIM MEETS: Meet information for each meet will be up shortly. Please sign out using the form by the TUESDAY before a specific meet ONLY if you know you CANNOT come. Please fill it out once per child. You are expected to come to all five meets. 

I will have meet entries and results posted here. There is a password, so please ask a coach if you do not know it. The meet entries and results should come out by Thursday, but are subject to change (if swimmers are sick, etc).

Practice time is for the coaches to work with the swimmers. We will be available to talk over any concerns or questions you have before or after practice. We only have 45 minutes to work with our kids and we hope to make every minute count.

A few swim meet details that I did not mention:

Scoring: 1st – 4th place score points. For relays, point distribution by place goes 7, 5, 3, 2 while for individual events, point distribution by place goes 5, 3, 2, 1. Each team can only score its top two places. This means that even if RCS gets 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places, we will only get 8 points.

Each swimmer can at most swim 3 individual events and 1 relay or 2 individual events and 2 relays. There are also restrictions on the number of heats I can place swimmers in for a certain event (I must negotiate with the other team). Therefore, sometimes a swimmer may only swim 2 events.

Relays are decided by the coaches by performance in practice and on the day of the swim meet. It is very likely that the relay will change between Thursday and Saturday. For younger kids, I will try to make a C team to give all kids a chance to swim a relay if they would like to. There are also graduated freestyle relays, meaning one person from each age group (excluding 8 and under) and a Mixed 8 and Under relay (2 Girls, 2 Boys).

We also have two wonderful parent team managers, Andrea Green and Kelly Nesslage who not only know everything but are willing to help you with anything. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them.

We love suggestions for making things run more efficiently. Please feel free to email us if you have ideas for the website, swim practice, or meets.

Go Seals!


Welcome 2016 Roger Carter Seals! The coaches are very excited for the upcoming season. Please keep in mind the following date:

Annual Volunteer Clinics @ University of Maryland College Park (Please click on link below for more detail)

 New Stroke & Turn Clinic: Saturday, June 4: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/5080B4FACAB28A31-pmsl24
Recertifying Stroke & Turn Clinic: Saturday, June 4:
Hy-Tek Clinic:  Saturday, June 4:
Referee and Starter Clinic:  Saturday, June 4www.SignUpGenius.com/go/5080B4FACAB28A31-pmsl27